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How to Handle Tenant – Neighbor Disputes in Long Beach, CA?

How to Handle Tenant - Neighbor Disputes in Long Beach, CA? - Article Banner

Managing disputes and conflicts often comes with the territory when you’re renting out a home in Long Beach. You may have tenants who are displeased about maintenance taking too long. There might be arguments over the security deposit. Maybe you’ll have to threaten your residents with eviction when rent doesn’t get paid

One of the most frustrating issues, however, is handling neighbor disputes. If both neighbors are your tenants, you can refer to the lease agreement and hold the problem tenant accountable. But, things can get complicated when your tenant is having trouble with a neighbor who isn’t also your tenant. What can you really do?

The answer is to listen to your tenant, look for solutions, and document everything. 

Listen to Your Long Beach Tenant and Encourage Communication 

Your tenants have a right to the quiet enjoyment of their property. If a neighbor is interfering with that, there will understandably be a complaint. 

When your tenants come to you with a complaint about noise, pet problems, parking issues, or other nuisances, listen to them. Sometimes, tenants are simply looking to be heard. You have a responsibility to let them make their complaint. 

Communication is always important in resolving conflicts, and if your tenants are comfortable talking to their neighbors, you’ll want to recommend that as a first step. They should be able to have a neighborly discussion about whatever problems there are. Maybe the offending neighbor doesn’t even realize there’s an issue, and needs to have their bad behavior pointed out in order to change it.  

Be empathetic. If your tenants are too nervous about talking to the neighbors, offer to have a chat yourself. This isn’t necessarily your job, but you’re trying to provide good customer service, and you want to keep your Long Beach tenants happy. 

Investigate and Document the Tenant’s Complaint

There isn’t a lot you can do about a bad neighbor, but you can check in with your tenant to see if things are better, worse, or the same. You can document the complaint in case it needs to be escalated. 

When you’re renting out a property in an HOA or a condo association, there are likely rules about noise that all residents must follow, whether they’re owners or renters. Check the rules and regulations and if necessary, make a complaint to the association board. This can be an excellent way to resolve the issue without becoming personally involved. 

Always document the noise complaint on behalf of your tenant. If the HOA board launches an investigation or asks for proof that a resident is causing problems, you’ll be glad you have it. Should the issue get escalated to law enforcement, you’ll want to be able to support your arguments and your tenant’s complaint. 

If things get out of hand, calling the police is always an option that tenants and landlords have. Parties can quickly get out of hand, dogs can become dangerous and unpredictable, and any threats that are made by a neighbor should be taken seriously. 

Supporting your tenants is important. If you’d like some help with that, please contact us at HCM Property Management. We’re happy to serve as your Long Beach property management resource. 

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