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What Landlords Need to Consider About Swimming Pools | Irvine Real Estate Investing

January 21, 2022

What Landlords Need to Consider About Swimming Pools - article banner

Property investors looking for rental homes in Irvine are likely to stay away from those with swimming pools. Not only do they increase your insurance premiums and your liability, they can also be expensive to maintain. However, tenants tend to like them, and you can usually earn higher rents with pools, so there are plenty of good reasons to rent out a home with a private swimming pool.

We have some recommendations if you’re going to buy an Irvine rental property with a swimming pool or if you plan to rent out a home of your own that already has a pool in the backyard. Here are some things to consider.

Legal and Safety Requirements for Irvine Pools

In California, the California Pool Safety Act governs how residential properties must protect people from the dangers that come with swimming pools. The law requires that any pool built or improved upon after 2007 needs to have a pool fence. This is required regardless of its size or shape. It includes spas and portable pools – even inflatable pools with 18 inches of water or more.

A building permit will be required to put in any in-ground pools or above-ground pools with 3,000 gallons of water or more. You’ll also need a gate alarm. Doors and windows that open into the pool area require an alarm to prevent small children from wandering in and drowning. Your tenants will also know any time someone enters the pool.

Pool covers can also be a great safety feature. Look for one that latches to the surface so children and pets aren’t in danger of falling into the water. Make sure you keep all cleaning chemicals out of reach, and always have safety equipment near to the pool such as life preservers.

Maintaining Pools at Irvine Rental Properties

Maintaining a swimming pool can be expensive, especially since Irvine summers tend to be long and the pool will likely be used for at least half the year. Property investors and landlords will need to budget for and be prepared to clean and maintain the pool.

Hiring a professional contractor is really the only option. You don’t want to leave this responsibility with the tenants. If they mix the wrong amounts of chemicals, there could be a risk of poisoning or burns. Use a professional pool vendor with the appropriate licenses and insurance. If you get on a recurring service plan where they routinely clean the pool, inspect the structure, and test the water composition, you can save some money. It’s not improper to roll the cost of pool care into the monthly rent.

Keep in mind that while tenants like pools, finding residents who are willing to pay for that luxury could take you some time. There’s a potential for longer vacancies when you’re renting out a pool home.

Professional contractorDon’t forget to buy extra insurance when you have a pool. If you’d like to talk further about how to manage an Irvine rental property with a pool, please don’t hesitate to contact us at HCM Property Management.

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