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The Benefits of Working with HCM Property Management in Irvine, CA

Written by Garrett Lushington

June 8, 2017

We are talking to you today about why some of our current clients have chosen to work with us. HCM Property Management can most effectively help you increase the near and long term value of your investment property and maximize your returns. There are three ways that we do this.

Maximizing Rental Rates

We make sure you can maximize the rental rates for your area. We’ll make sure your rental property in Irvine is rent-ready and as attractive as possible to a wide pool of tenants. You won’t lose money on long periods of vacancy or by collecting less rent than your property is worth.

Excellent Tenant Placement

We also strive to get great tenants who will make rent payments every month on time. This probably seems pretty basic, but we employ an exhaustive marketing strategy that gets us a wide pool of tenants. We are very selective with our screening process, and the result is a highly qualified tenant. We also provide you with a tenant guarantee, so that if for any reason a tenant breaks the lease, we will replace that tenant at no additional fee.

Maintaining and Preserving the Property

You have probably heard the expression – Happy Wife, Happy Life. We believe in Happy Tenants! When the tenants are happy, they take great care of your property, making their payments on time and are more agreeable to annual rent increases. We are responsive to maintenance needs and tenant issues, and we focus on keeping your best residents.

Property Management Irvine

We offer you the best in class property management support. This includes online tenant and owner portals, monthly financial reporting, 24/7 maintenance services, and rental collections. You have complete transparency to all of the activity on your property and your rental income is generally sent directly to your account by the 6th Photo of Steve Pattonof each month. All of this is provided for one low fixed fee of $99 per month.

Stop overpaying for property management and let HCM increase the value of your investment property. If you have any questions about our services or Irvine property management, please contact us at HCM Property Management.

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