Leasing Made Easy at HCM Property Management

Carrying out the leasing process by yourself can be a difficult challenge. You can make the choice to hand over the responsibility to a trusted manager, especially when your entire investment is at stake. We have made leasing as easy as it could be for landlords across Los Angeles County and Orange County.

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Silver Program Leasing Guarantee

With our Silver Program, we will offer you a 12 months leasing guarantee.

Gold Program Leasing Guarantee

Our Gold Program also promises a 12 months leasing guarantee, with many additional benefits.

Platinum Program Leasing Guarantee

With the Platinum Program, you will receive a 24 months leasing guarantee.

*Leasing Guarantee is the assurance that if any of your tenants breaks their lease for any reason, we will re-lease the property with No Additional Fee.

Rigorous Move-In Inspections

One of the crucial factors of leasing is inspecting the home well. At HCM Property Management, we carry out thorough inspections to ensure that your Long Beach home is in a habitable condition. We also document the property condition in detail. We know that these inspections are the foundations of further routine inspections and the security deposit acquisition.
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Leasing For a Stronger & Longer Tenancy

When we lease a Long Beach home, our goal is not just to place tenants as early as possible. We aim at bringing long term tenancies together. Our property managers use their skills and resources to place tenants who respect your lease terms. We believe in helping you establish a strong professional relationship with your tenants.
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Compliant Lease Creation

We know the state and federal laws through and through. Our property managers ensure that your lease agreement has all the essential disclosures, and abides by the law. We create strong agreements that protect you and your Long Beach investment against any potential problems.

Areas We Serve

Property Management in Irvine was the beginning. Since our start, we have expanded to provide full-service rental management in:

  • Huntington Beach
  • Costa Mesa
  • Lake Forest
  • Aliso Viejo
  • Long Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • Norwalk
  • Carson
  • Inglewood
  • Cerritos
  • Torrance
  • El Segundo
  • Gardena
  • Hawthorne
  • Hermosa Beach
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Redondo Beach
  • Mission Viejo

….and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Help In Deciding The Security Deposit Amount?

Yes, we do. We know that in California, landlords cannot charge a security deposit amount that is 2-3 times higher than the rent, depending upon the furniture in the home. We also know the complexities involved in such cases and can help out landlords set a reasonable security deposit amount.

Do You Help The Tenants With The Lease Agreements?

Yes, we do. We offer 100% clarity to your tenants to avoid any problems or confusion that might lead to legal disputes. We will tell them about the existing property condition, and help them understand their maintenance responsibilities, and the rent and late fee structure.

What If The Property Is Not In A Habitable State?

We carry out thorough inspections before leasing the property. If your home is not in a habitable state and does not qualify according to the Implied Warranty of Habitability, we will not lease it right away. We will get it inspected, and renovated as per the requirements through local experts, and rent it only when it meets the safety standards.

Do You Charge A Leasing Fee?

Yes, we charge a leasing fee. Our fees vary depending upon the program that you select. If you choose a silver program, we charge xx as the leasing fee for a month, for the gold program, the leasing fee is xx per month. However, for the platinum program, we charge xx per month.

What Additions Do You Make in the Lease for Exceptions like Service Animals?

If we allow pets, we will create a detailed pet policy, and charge pet deposits to the owners. For service animals, we do not charge a pet security deposit, but our lease makes it clear that the tenants will have to take the responsibility for the damages caused by the animals.

What Are The Move-In Funds?

The move-in funds cover the cost of some of the changes made to your home to get it ready for the new tenants. These could be changing the door locks, installing new mattresses, and so on. The move-in funds are different from the security deposit. They are non-refundable. We typically charge a move-in fund that is anything between 20%-50% of the first month’s rent.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with Dianne has been one of the best experiences that I have had while working with a management company. She is always quick to respond and is very friendly. Happy to be renting through a company that has employees like her. Great customer service is hard to come by these days!

Breahna Wright

The property managers are always quick to respond and provide friendly and helpful service. The handyman who came out to help with a garbage disposal replacement was on time, worked quickly and cleaned up after himself. We have been very happy with the service we have received thus far.

Cherilyn Wininger

Renee is a top notch coordinator. She is always going above and beyond with her help when needed and has the best follow up track record of any property management coordinator that I’ve ever worked with. I always make sure to ask for her specifically because I know she will get things done. Everyone else has been equally helpful and a great experience working with HCM

Abe Gurakar

We had questions that we needed answers for. Luisa Jimenez and Vicky Viajar were really helpful and were very pleasant. They answered our questions and addressed our concerns. They were also quick to respond!

Chyng Abuyog

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